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About the Professional Housing
Management Association (PHMA)

PHMA International is an Association that:
  • Develops, provides and coordinates professional training and certification programs in housing and lodging management.
  • Publishes a professional periodical in order to make known the views of the Association and its members.
  • Provides recognition for professionalism in both housing and lodging management and service to PHMA through an annual awards program.
  • Assists members in developing, maintaining, enhancing and advancing their professional status.
  • Maintains a website for use by the membership with items of current interest to DoD housing management
  • Promotes educational efforts through annual scholarship programs for members, including family members.
  • Charters and promotes activity in local chapters throughout the world.
  • Serves as a clearinghouse for privatization initiatives and as an advocate for the membership with the DoD leadership.

PHMA Vision

To serve as a catalyst in inspiring housing professionals and their organizations to build and revitalize for the future. We improve our world by committing and channeling the talents and energies we possess to provide quality communities for all the members of the armed forces and their families.

This vision is people-oriented. Simply put, it means that we stake our future on our people: our customers, our staff and our leadership.

PHMA Mission

The mission of PHMA is to contribute towards better quality housing for our military members and thier families by continuously raising the level of proficiency and professionalism within the military services' housing profession through improved communications and networking; education and training; certification; and professional recognition.


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Why Belong to PHMA?

PHMA Membership allows you to:
  • Make a commitment to your chosen profession-military housing and lodging
  • Form common bonds of knowledge and friendship with your peers.
  • Make your views known to other housing and lodging professional on matters of importance.
  • Be recognized for your professional achievements.
  • Stay in touch with current housing and lodging events through a quarterly publication and the PHMA website.
  • Attend training seminars with senior Defense leaders.
  • Help others grow professionally.
  • Serves as a clearinghouse for privatization initiatives and as an advocate for the membership with the DoD leadership.
  • Earn status as a certified defense housing manager, professional, or director.
  • Join local chapters to work for and share common area interests.
  • Let your co-workers and supervisors know you support the professionalism of housing and lodging.

PHMA Exclusive Membership Benefits include:

Types of PHMA Membership

REGULAR MEMBERSHIP (voting) is open to all federal, civilian or military, and private sector employees who are or were directly involved in the profession of housing and lodging.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (non-voting) is open to spouses of Regular members and individuals who are not involved in housing but who desire to support the Association.

HONORARY MEMBERSHIP (non-voting) may be granted to anyone who contributes significantly to enhancing the goals or objectives of this Association. Honorary membership is provided to flag and general officers and SES members who desire to support PHMA.

To learn more about PHMA Membership, please see PHMA BY-LAWS!

PHMA Corporate Membership

CORPORATE SUSTAINING MEMBERS (voting) is open to any federal organization, private company or agency, or individual, not eligible for regular membership, who desires to advance the professionalism of housing management. There are three types of corporate membership: Corporate Platinum, Corporate Gold and Corporate Silver.

For information about PHMA Corporate Membership, CLICK HERE!

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